Knoxville Women’s March to push trans agenda on children


In the guise of “women’s civil rights” the pink hat crowd is pushing the radical LGBTQP agenda. They are shoving transgender propaganda down children’s throats and are going to be participating in the Knoxville Women’s March next Saturday (Jan 19) at Chilhowee Park in Knoxville. This will be a demonic event and we should keep the innocent far away. Come stand with us in protesting this abominable March. We, as God fearing Tennesseans, have got to start fighting back and making our voice heard against this immoral rot that is sacking our Bible Belt.

Elected TN official condemns White Tennesseans

As diversity continues to grip the Volunteer State government, how long do you think you and your family will be safe from the horrors of the third world.  The third world is already in Memphis, most of Nashville and Chattanooga and part of Knoxville.  The time to band together as Tennesseans to protect our future generations is yesterday.

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TN State Rep says White Tennesseans are “Racist and Uneducated”

Hurrican Relief Efforts Underway


The League of the South has several Disaster Relief Teams currently working in the Florida/Georgia/Alabama area.  Thus far the teams have given away several truckloads of food, water and hygiene products.  Also they have been involved in rescue efforts which saved a family trapped under their own collapsed house.  Clearing brush and fallen timber from roadways, driveways and houses has also occupied their time.  The TN League of the South is collecting funds to continue to aide in financing this Relief Operation so please consider donating any amount on our Donate page and the funds will be directly sent to this effort.



Line in the Clay

The League of the South is inviting all fellow Southerners to stand with us near Johnson City, Tennessee as we make a public stand for the defense of our heritage and culture from this leftist, communist movement that is destroying OUR monuments, perverting OUR communities and ultimately is aimed at the extinction of OUR people. The time for talk is over. It is past time for us to stand up for those who stood up for us and retake our homeland from the liberal hordes!

If you’ve seen this problem escalating and have finally had your fill of the wickedness then come out as we draw a “Line in the Clay” and demand the end to this neo-Reconstruction of our beloved Dixie!

Be there!


Knoxville Pride Protest

On June 23rd the Tennessee League of the South, along with other nationalist allies, marched against the Knoxville Gay Pride Parade.  This years homosexual festivities were particularly evil with activities ranging from wet t-shirt contests for children, puppy french kissing and a warm invite to the Pride’s pedophile and bestiality element.  The event was rife with demonic imagery and disgusting public displays of lewdness and the amount of leftist parents who brought their children to participate in this public orgy is disturbing to say the least.  This event started with a handful of drag queens and homosexuals years ago and has expanded each year to include United Methodist/Lutheran/Episcopalian churches, transvestites, satan worshipers, atheists, pedophiles, bestiality advocates and many more.  If we continue to allow these affronts to our God go uncontested throughout the Bible Belt then we are essentially surrendering our streets to the satanic leftist agenda.  The theme this year was “Pride is for kids, too!”  They do not want to come out of the closet and to be left alone.  They want your children.  They want to shove their sexual deviancy down our throats.  We voted as a State that marriage was between one man and one woman and the yankee federal government overruled our vote and forced their evil lifestyle upon us.  When is enough going to be enough?  For some of us we have already seen our land grow fat with the tares of wickedness and have concluded that divorcement from this Sodom is going to be necessary to preserve our progeny and family traditions.  

Stand with the League of the South! Stand against degeneracy and immorality! Stand up for God’s natural order and in this pious act may you begin the restoration of our Southern peoples’ sovereignty and the defense of our sacred traditions!  The hour is growing late and the forces of darkness and evil are infiltrating our countryside from every dark and diverse corner, but history has proved that an elite band of White, Christian men can turn the tide against overwhelming odds.  Have you had enough?

Some short live feed videos from the event below:

Before the Parade

At the Coliseum

Protest Ending