Declaration for Redress of Grievances

Declaration for the Redress of Grievances against the Sovereign State of Tennessee

We, the People of the Sovereign State of Tennessee which voluntarily joined the United States June 1st, in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 1796, do hereby present this Redress of Grievances to the elected officials of our great State and the powers that be of the Federal Government of the United States of America.  The latter has seen it fitting to overrule our Judicial and Legislative bodies and by doing so undermining the will of the People of Tennessee in direct violation of the Tenth Amendment.  We seek to have these Grievances rectified and our Constitutional rights restored.  This Declaration is undersigned by registered voters of Tennessee along with other Tennessee citizens in good standing and we demand immediate recognition of this Document and its contents to ensure the harmony of the posterity of our Sovereign State. 

First Grievance: Federal Supremacy Clause
The Federal Supremacy Clause, interpreted illegally under President Lyndon Johnson, which is a direct violation and reversal of the Tenth Amendment, is the means by which Federal overreach and despotism are allowed to be perpetrated against the State of Tennessee.  We demand the nullification of this Clause as it is used to force opposing lifestyles and polices of the leftist agenda into Tennessee.

Second Grievance: Same-Sex Marriage
In 2006, 80% of the People of the State of Tennessee voted to uphold that Marriage was defined as one man and one woman.  The fact that this fully legal and binding election was overturned in our State is a Grievance that needs immediate reversal.  This heinous act by the Federal government is an affront to our noble Bible Belt Culture and it serves to make our election process completely meaningless and it proves that the globalist agenda takes precedence over the Will of the People of the State of Tennessee.

Third Grievance: Refugee Resettlement
Tennesseans do not want our cities, towns and communities filled with alien peoples who are; not properly vetted, haters of our God and Christian beliefs, hold contrary beliefs to our Culture and values, and many of whom actively seek our intentional displacement.  We assert that it the native People of this State, and any State, that should determine who it allows in its midst.  We demand and end to all globalist attempts to settle large numbers of “Refugees” in our State along with all migrant preferential treatment over native Tennesseans.

Fourth Grievance: Destruction of Confederate Monuments
In June 1861, the State of Tennessee voluntarily left the Union that it had voluntarily joined.  We fought with honor and distinction in a noble Confederate Cause and produced many heroes and hosted the second largest number of battlefields per State.  This is our Heritage and this is a History that cannot and should not be replaced, supplanted or destroyed.  The removal of monuments, the rewriting and erasing of our History, and the vilification of our valiant Confederate ancestors must cease.   

Fifth Grievance: Anti-Christ Public Education
As a People who recognize Jesus Christ and His divinity and our Christian Heritage we appeal to our local School Boards and the TN State Board of Education to protect our Publicly funded schools to select curriculum that does not run contrary to our Biblical morality.  Any curriculum that promotes LGBTQ interests, paints Christianity in a negative light, is insistent of the Theory of Evolution over Biblical Creation, must be excluded as it runs against the ideals of mass majority of Tennessean tax payers who hold true the Christian Faith.  Any mandates by the US Department of Education must be nullified in preference to the interests of Christian Tennessean citizens. 

Sixth Grievance: Traitorous Elected Officials
Governors, Senators, State Representatives and all other elected officials in the State of Tennessee are being paid and put into office to represent the People of the State of Tennessee.  When these politicians chose to bow to Federal demands and leftist pressure, against the interests of Tennesseans, then they are betraying their constituency and committing perjury against their Oath of Office.  They are traitors to the State of Tennessee.  (For instance, if a politician is elected saying he would uphold the Second Amendment and then after being elected he falls to political pressure from outside his constituency and advocates for the removal of said Amendment, then that politician is not only a thief and liar but a traitor to the Tennesseans who in good faith placed him in office.)   

Seventh Grievance: Deployment of Tennessee’s Army Abroad
The Armed Forces of the State of Tennessee are continually being placed under Title 10 orders to be deployed abroad in support of alien governments and foreign causes and wars.  If the Governor of the State of Tennessee had need for the Armed Forces of our State in order for Disaster Relief, to repel an invader; or in any other circumstance, to defend the State of Tennessee, then Tennessee’s modernized Military Forces would not be available and it would place us at a disadvantage and increases the likelihood of our peril.  We need our Tennessee National Guard to remain at the quick and ready disposal of its Commander and Chief, the duly elected Governor of the State of Tennessee.

The Federal Government of the United States has shown disdain and contempt for the People of Tennessee by forcing upon us, without our Consent and regardless of our Protest, the norms of leftist, progressive, anti-Christ forces.  We declare that these above Grievances ought to be rectified and that further intrusions into the affairs of the Sovereign State of Tennessee cease and desist.  We are capable and willing by ballot, and up to and including outright Secession from this Union, to defend our own Posterity and Progeny.   

We will be traveling the State collecting signatures for this document.  If you are willing to add your signature on the official document and join in this momentous effort to free our People from the entangling snares of the leftist, globalist agenda then contact us and sat tuned.  The above document will be in Sevierville, Tennessee on June 2nd for the official start of this movement.