St Patrick Day Rally


On March 17th the League of the South took to the streets in Knoxville, Tennessee in celebration of St Patrick’s Day.  We were able to hand out flyers, interact with many of the other locals, and share our common veneration of the Apostle of our people St Patrick.  After St Patrick evangelized Ireland and established the Church there missionaries began to set forth from our Celtic motherland to evangelize the Welsh, Picts, Scots and Anglo’s.  When missionaries came from Rome to Britain several hundred years later they were surprised to find that a large Church had already been established and was well organized particularly in Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

As Appalachia and a massive portion of Dixie claims direct descendants from this noble Celtic bloodline, the honoring of this day should be more natural and rooted in our Souls than observing the fourth of July.  This is the ancient faith of of our fathers.  This is where Christ came into a dark, pagan back country and ground the idols to splinters and opened the door of salvation to Our people.  This was the ethnogenesis of the Celtic Christian race.  Glory be to God for sending St Patrick to bear witness to our forefathers so that they could kneel before Christ and that we today could still have a remnant of the Gospel.
In this spirit the Tennessee League of the South would like to encourage all of our kinsmen to stand with us.  Our monuments are beings taken away, our heritage is being scrubbed from the books and the legacy of our Christianity is being vilified and attacked.  It may be soon that the very remembrance of the Holy Apostle St Patrick will be upon the chopping block of Marxist, political correctness.  How long we will sit idle while our Civilization is trampled by the evil one? What will be the final straw?  Let us not wait for another grievous blow by our adversary.  Join with the League of the South today and lets start retaking Dixie!

Deo Vindice!
From the Desk of the TN State Chairman