The Zealots of Today

30 - page 26 - SIMON the zealotZealot: a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals.

The Zealots of old were known for their extreme devotion to the Cause of restoring an ethnostate to the Hebrew people by any means.  It has been debated that Peter and Paul may have been Zealots and we know that Christ himself appointed Simon the Zealot as one of His chosen disciples.  The term is used in Scripture to describe the passion with which Christians should strive to maintain their faith and as a positive character trait.

We see recently the modern church has been sacked with false prophets and teachers who hate the very Civilization that Christians built.  They are diametrically opposed to the new class of Zealots who they coin the Fundamentalists, “racists”, and “nazi’s”.

Fundamental: forming a necessary base or core; of central importance.

To believe in that the Holy Bible says what it actually says and to seek the preservation of ones own family (if you’re White) automatically lumps one into this category.  A slew of clergy from various denominations have been busy condemning everything that appears in the form of Southron and/or White self interests.  Through letters, statements, petitions, signatory notes and written declarations these misguided or downright false teachers are attempting to; placate the Leftist forces of evil, modernize the image of the Christian church, to remove zealous traditional laity, and ally themselves with the same lobby that demands abortions, homosexual marriage and transgender normality. The Southern Baptists have publicly denounced the Confederate flag, any person who thinks its OK for White people to exist, or who actively campaigned for Trump.  Where is the Church? Where is the true, Church of Christ that the gates of Hell (nor leftist opinion pieces) shall not prevail against?  

The Zealots of the old days faced all of these issues.  They were condemned by the churches of the Pharisees, persecuted by the Roman System, and ostracized for their determination and willingness to Secede. The Zealots simply believed that they must secure the existence of their people and a future for Hebrew children by any and all means.  

As White, Southrons our struggle is fundamentally the same.  We seek to resist a foreign overlord, to keep the traditions of our people, and to provide a safe future for our prodigy.  We simply seek basic self determination for a distinct people that God himself has separated and set the bounds of their habitations.  May we with all due diligence and zealous, Christian living secure the bounds of those habitations and may God have mercy on; our people, our homeland, and our Soul on that dreaded judgment day.

Just a side note and an observation. The traditional minded, Christian laity are under assault by both their churches and the government and this is no illusion. It was when the Jewish church and Roman State were abusing the Hebrew race and Zealots were being forced further to the fringe that Jesus Christ came to Earth.  The End could be nearer than we think…

May God have mercy!