Free Tennessee


This will be a fluid post updating periodically pertaining information to educate Tennesseans on the viability of Tennessee becoming a free and independent State.

Determining Secession as our only viable option for the survival and well being of our posterity; we the people of Tennessee must loudly declare our intentions to withdraw from the Union once again.  How would our State fair in relation to other countries of the world?  Actually we would fair very well especially in a military Confederation with other free and independent States. Let’s compare our great State to a few studies of other countries just in size and population.

Population: 6,715,984
Size: 109,247 sq km

Population: 4,292,095
Size: 56,594 sq km

Population: 9,038,741
Size: 112,090 sq km

Population: 1,944,643
Size: 64,589 sq km

Population: 9,850,845
Size: 93,028 sq km

Population: 8,236,303
Size: 41,277 sq km

Population: 8,299,706
Size: 20,770 sq km

Population: 18,028,549
Size: 185,180 sq km

Some argue that as a landlocked country Tennessee would not have a chance. Switzerland and Hungary are both landlocked countries just like Tennessee and they fair very well on their own.

Firearm Ownership
The heavily armed, all volunteer militia of the State of Tennessee is and will be the most powerful military body and the means by which we will never be disarmed or overtaken by any foreign entity.

Sexual Deviants
The LGBTQ Agenda will be banned in its entirety in a free State of Tennessee.  Their propagandizing our children and sowing the seeds of their degeneracy and abominable acts without repercussion will be an afterthought.  No longer will we in the Bible Belt be forced by federal mandate to accept the social norms of San Francisco, New York City and Sodom and Gomorrah.  Christian Tennessee values must be first and foremost if our people are going to survive and it will be a utmost priority for the free State to protect its own culture.