Boycott Dolly Parton

The Tennessee League of the South is calling on all Tennesseans to boycott Dolly Parton.  Her decision to change the name of Dixie Stampede to appease the liberal agitators is the final straw in a list of continued transgressions in which she has proved herself an enemy of her own people.  She has donated large sums of money into Sevier County and brought much industry and tourism.  Yet we are in a time when we must choose a side.  The battle between good and evil is reaching a historical crescendo and choosing to do the right thing, regardless of monetary or material rewards, is a necessity to ensure that the evil, leftist destroyers of heritage and identity do not gain the upper hand.

It is time to officially say enough is enough.  Dolly has placed the interests of those who seek the destruction of the Christian, Southern people and culture as a priority and that is something that no good, upstanding, Southern man of good moral conscious can  brush to the side.  We must stop supporting those that are kicking us and our posterity into the dustbin of history!


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  1. Nothing was said about what she intends to call the place now.Dixie Stampede nothing wro g with it xont change. It


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