When Marxists Take Over the City


In the last few years Knoxville, Tennessee has seen itself take a hard left turn as Mayor Madeline Rogero grabbed the reigns.  The recent victory of the City Council Movement, which promoted atheism, feminism, black liberation, LGBTQ, Sanctuary cities, socialism and modernity, has solidified the liberal hold on the city.  Already the Freedom from Religion Foundation (a determined anti-God group) has moved to assault the Christian vestiges of Knoxville in a political climate that fosters their type of activism.  Local Knoxvillians will remember that the same group recently asked the Mayor to move a Bible Verse from the Knoxville Police Department. takingdownbible Without complaint or hesitation, the City Mayor kept up on her good to continue the destruction of traditional Christian symbolism.  Now given the opportunity to strike again, it seems only a matter of time before yet another piece of Christian history in the heart of the Bible Belt will be wiped out of existence.


Photo included in complaint letter from Freedom of Religion Foundation East Tennessee chapter


The League is organizing in Knoxville to secure and defend the traditional Bible Belt culture and as a front to oppose the Marxist domination of this city.  With the SCV standing idly by and the Knox GOP not even putting up a fight, it would seem that hope is lost. In our struggle to maintain our Identity, Tradition, and Southern, Christian Culture here in the Volunteer State know that the League of the South will be at forefront of resisting the leftist desecration of Knoxville! With God as our Protector! retaketn